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Vintage Computer Links

Old-Computers.com That darned dash between Old & Computers is sometimes hard to type...but's well worth the effort. This is the most comprehensive and useful vintage computer site on the web.

Analog Computer Museum & History Center Doug Coward's website is a treasure-trove of information on analog computers. And Doug is a very helpful and very nice guy!!

The Colossus Rebuild Located in Bletchley Park, Tony Sales and many knowledgeable volunteers are fine tuning their rebuilt Colossus computer.

The London Science Museum Up on the 2nd floor is the greatest collection on the history of computing...including Charles Babbage's brain floating in a jar of formaldehyde.

The Computer History Museum Just south of San Francisco is the premier collection of computers in the USA.

The Digibarn A vast collection chock full of unusual and one-of-kind items. The collection itself is worth the drive (be careful of the section of the road that is literally falling into the valley below) but the icing on the cake is the beautiful Santa Cruz mountain setting and the very amiable host, Bruce Damer.

IMSAI Computer Todd Fischer's website is packed with information about one of the pioneer companies in personal computing and includes information on his IMSAI 8080 that starred in the movie "Wargames". Todd built the first computer controlled house in the world...the IMSAI Dollhouse.

The Analog Computer Museum One of the largest collections of analog computers in the world. [Still under construction.]

History of the Web Although the WWW came about long after 1981, it is an important part of the history of computing. This site was recommended to us by the students in Ms. Christina Nill's class at the After School Care Program in El Paso County, Colorado. Good work students!!

image of the Ohio Scientific Inc., Model 300
Ohio Scientific Inc., Model 300