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About Us

EarlyComputers.com is based on an eclectic collection of vintage computers, peripherals, manuals, publications and related materials. The collection focuses on personal computers that were made between 1975 and 1981 (the advent of the IBM PC) but is not limited to that era. It includes portable computers from as late as 1985 and analog computers from as early as 1955. We collect related materials, in addition to the actual computers. In fact, one of our most prized possessions is an April 1889 Author's Reprint of Herman Hollerith's first publication explaining his Electric Tabulating System.

The Early Computers Project consist of students and faculty at West Chester University of Pennsylvania who are interested in conducting research into the history of personal computing.

This collection is meant to be an educational tool and, as such, the items in the collection are displayed online for the edification of our viewers. In addition, the items act as starting points for original research by both faculty and students at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, USA and by contributors from around the world.

As this expression of the collection develops, we will be presenting verbal, visual and audio information to our viewers.

If you wish to contribute, you can do so through our StoryTeller's section (coming soon) or by contacting us directly.

image of the Electric Tabulating System (1889)
Electric Tabulating System (1889)